Zhuldyz Cup Astana 2018 - Photos+Videos

Zhuldyz Cup Astana 2018 - Photos+Videos


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Zhuldyz Cup Astana 2018 - Competition

ALL Photos from Barny and ALL Videos from Marc of a single Gymnast at Zhuldyz Cup Astana 2018.

The photos are from all routines of a gymnast/group and of the Medal Ceremony.
The photos are in 3000pixel and 300dpi

The Videos are Full HD 1920x1080 MOV Files.

When ordering, please write the Name of Gymnast, Nation, Category and Startnumber, so we can find your Photos+Videos

We send the photos and videos by Download, so please choose "Download" as "Way of Delivery" later, so you don't pay shipping costs.
You will get an eMail with a link to download a ZIP-File with the photos and videos some days after competition.

Pre-Orders will be preferred and will get more photos.

Master Class Training with Margarita Mamun

We create a photo- and video-documentation of the Master Class with Margarita Mamun on Friday, 01.06.2018.
As a souvenir and memory of your training with Margarita Mamun, you can order our Photos and Video.

Gymnasts who ordered will be preferred and will get more photos. They will wear a sticker during Master Class to show they ordered the documentation.
So please write Name of Gymnast when you order and collect your sticker from us before the Master Class starts.

After training Barny will take some photos of the gymnasts together with Margarita Mamun. This offer is only for gymnasts who ordered the documentation of the Master Class.

The photos and videos will be send by download.