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Photo-Packages in 4 different options:
1: ALL PHOTOS, 1 Gymnast or Group original from camera, unedited
in 4000pixel and 300dpi, around 60-150 photos per routine.
2: SELECTION 1 Gymnast or Group of best photos (ca. 40-60), edited in 40x30cm high quality 6000pixl
3: COMBO-PACKAGE,1 Gymnast or GroupALL photos unedited + SELECTION edited

4: Team-PACKAGE, all pictures SELECTION edited from 1 Team Gymnasts and Group.

The photos are from all routines of a gymnast/group and of the Medal Ceremony. We try to take as many photos as possible, but it is not always possible to cover all routines from beginning till the end.

Pre-Orders will be preferred and will get more photos.
The prices are only valid during competition days.
After competition the prices will be increased by 10 EUR.

When ordering, please write the Name of Gymnast, Nation, Category and Startnumber, so we can find your Photos.
We deliver the ordered photos within 1 week (Package 1) or within 3 weeks (Package 2).

If you want to get the photos by Download, please choose "Download" as "Way of Delivery", so you don't pay shipping costs.
You will get an eMail with a link to download a ZIP-File with the photos some days after the competition.

Order online or at our photo-desk in the competition hall.