180_Miss Valentine Cup Tartu 2011

180_Miss Valentine Cup Tartu 2011



All Photos by Barny Thierolf of Miss Valentine Cup Tartu 2011.

Package 1-4 also contain Gala-Show & Medal Ceremonies.

-Package 1: All RG Mini/Children/Pre-Junior (1999-2004) Individuals and Groups
-Package 2: All RG Junior (1996-1998) Individuals and Groups
-Package 3: All RG Senior (1995+) Individuals and Groups
-Package 4: All AGG-Groups Preliminaries and Finals
-Package 5: Training & Warm-Up, Photoshooting Kseniya Mustafaeva, contains also all Photos of Manfred Engele and Dan Pickard

Vorschau-Bilder / Preview-Pictures
CD Cover Paket 1
CD Cover Paket 2
CD Cover Paket 3
CD Cover Paket 4
CD Cover Paket 5